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I love new years.

I love the clean break; a solid, tangible, universally recognized signal to start over. I can see it, hold it in my hands: January 1. That's the day I settle into my new skin, relax into the person I've been becoming for a year.

I love The Kiss. Something so small, so simple, like the turning of your graduation tassel or saying "I do" that marks a physical, mental, spiritual change in your life. Pressing lips with the person (or persons) you love to mark the beginning of another 365 day chapter in your life. It just seems right and good and hopeful. Connecting, being with your closest friends and family and shouting like hooligans into the night. It's a great tradition.

Maybe it's because of the life I've lead, maybe I'm an addict. But I love starting over. Newness feels good, and it feels good to feel new. Maybe I was a snake or a bird in a former life and I've retained the need to shed the old like a worn winter jacket and welcome the pending summer dress. Maybe it's just another compulsion, another blip in my scattered brain, to organize my life in sections.
It doesn't matter. All I know is I love new years. And this year has got to be better than the last.

Happy 2009

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