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"artist" and "future" are contradictory

I spent the weekend surrounded by artists, and it only confused me more re: my own struggle with my passion(s).

I am twenty-four years old.
I am a woman.
I have a B.A. in Theatre.
I am a professional costume designer with work in the near future (like, should be reading scripts and making notes to discuss with directors TOMORROW near).
I am a professional actor with absolutely no work in the foreseeable future (reminder to self to look up the auditions that are on the way cough NEXT WEEKEND).
I am a blogger with two half-defunct blogs and a slew of half-baked post ideas.
I am a former web designer who has all but forgotten everything she ever knew about code, but wants desperately to fill in her educational holes.
I am a tech writer for a company that has nothing to do with my degree or my passion, but I love my coworkers, my paycheck, and my healthcare.
I am a girlfriend with a boyfriend who is and probably always will be the breadwinner (barring our life-plan actually coming true, in which I am his wealthy sugar mama and he is my house husband), and who, for the next few years at least, has a very DC-specific job.

I am, in a word, indecisive.

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