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The 5-0 are all out for 420, and you can smell their excitement. It's so thick in some places you cough to get it out of your lungs but it's sharp and sticks to your insides like tar. With this new marijuana policy (much like the riot policy that came out conveniently close to championship time) they're hoping for a nice public stoning of the stoners. Because stoners are our biggest problem here in College Park.

Potheads don't do anything, let alone commit the violent crimes that only seem to escalate here. Maybe it's time to stop wasting time making a big show of penalizing students for doing activities that, albeit illegal, generally do very little to effect their performance as active members of society. Even crazier, use all that extra time to rethink the quicksand bureaucracy that chokes more of the general population than any blunt, regardless of consistency, could ever hope to.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

...And you're going to need some serious munchies before you can stomach this.
Because what kind of world can we live in when this is on the front page and no one even blinks?

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