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I have been blogging since the eighth grade. That's seven years of online confessions, starting, in a sense, here:


Zark. Not only do my entries have to be l o n g . . . they have to be serious, too. Do you have to take EVERYTHING from me, Zoe?! Huh?! Is that it?!!! My goodness, I am appalled at the amount of guts-spilling that goes on in these online journal things. It's just disgusting. ::in high-pitched, whiny voice:: 'Oh, look at me, I have serious problems I should probably work out, so I'm going to post them on the internet and let people in Germany read my innermost, most personal thoughts!' Now there's a good idea! Let's ALL do that! Yes! We'll get a million hits on our sites! Oh! And look! Here comes Brittany all hypocritical-like! Watch as she makes a fool of herself by ranting about others revealing too much and in the process reveals just as much as the poor saps of whom this rant was originally directed! Ha! Zark, people make me sick. Oh, and isn't that just convenient that that song ('You make me sick' by Pink) is playing as I write. Mmph. Perhaps I'm not so creative and witty as I thought I was. And yes, you can blame this annoying rant on Zoe, from whom I derived this from[sic] (she did a similar one earlier, but with fewer words and a whole lot less sarcasm...)

life is short

Being young and unable to drive (legally anyway), I spend half my life waiting around for other people so I can get to where I need to go. It's frustrating. I want to live, dangit! Not wait to live.

no track meet tomorrow

which is why i am able to stay up to such obscenely late hours as this. but now i shall retire to my bed, as my contacts are dried to my eyes, which have permanent pixel-stains of webpages on them. at least i got my page updated, and i got to hear 'jaded' and that awesome song that i always forget the title to, by lifehouse. awesome song. need sleep.

5/18/01 joebobbillyjackdean

i have a plant that thrives on negligence. that's what the sticker said when we bought it, "thrives on negligence." it's an air fern. no need for water, or soil, or food. it just sits there, and grows. it just lives on air. no muss, no fuss. most of the air ferns were bought when i got there. what does that say about us?

5/18/01 ::yawn:: i'm bored with what i look like. i've looked exactly the same my entire life. look at baby pictures, oh, there's brittany! how could you tell? well, you look the same. thanks. but i'm too dang cautious to do anything drastic. someday i'm just gonna go bite the bullet and get a piercing or something. or mebbe get green highlights. or both. yeah, both.

And now? Driving is my passion. My hair has changed color at least four times, one of which being for blue highlights. I'm pierced in seven places. I wish blogging was my job. Insomnia defines me.

Funny how things don't change.

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