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So Diaryland is no longer a beast. Eff Geocities.

A NOTE TO ANGRY REVIEWERS: My name (bratnatch) is just the name I use for everything in my life. It has neither an interesting nor short explanation. Basically, I like words that sound funny and it's too late to change it now. Thank you for caring.

Fortune Cookie Reviews
They're dead now, but they said: "It's fun to read the diary of a person who makes a joke, or finds something funny about almost everything in life." check it

Wallflower Reviews

also dead, but before that happened they said: "Randomness at its best." ..among other things. check it out

Dudette Review
"Sort of poetic in a natural sense. However I didn�t feel so involved." That happens sometimes when you don't read any entries. But that's just the reviewer in me.

So speedy! "You have a quaint way of expressing yourself. Even when your emotions are like razors and you seem hurt you sound pleasant and at ease. How do you do this?"
I'm touched.

Solitary Views
She liked me! She really liked me!
"When Kerouac-reading pseudo-intellects go online, some of them turn a little elitistic. Luckily, you aren't one of them." Among others.

Bitchface Reviews
"Alright, so, you're smart. You use big flowing words and I like that. But your entries just don't make any fucking sense." Ah haha. Ask me how many times I've heard that.

Outlaw Reviews
"You're random, you're intelligent, you're unconventional, and that's what the world needs. It needs spontaneity. That's basically what your diary is. It's a collection of crazy thoughts that everybody agrees with but are usually too afraid to admit. It's a blank verse poem."
I feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside I could just mold.

The Analyzers
"I like that you're unapologetic about a lot of things, and are very opinionated. You talk about your everyday life without getting boring, which is something extremely rare on d-land. I like your sense of humor and general outlook on everything around you. Kudos, I'm diggin' it."
Feels good to be dug. :D


Man Down Reviews


Figure 8 Reviews

Lime Reviews

Honestly You Reviews

Candid Review

These people do not update nearly enough to satiate my narcissism. Nor my compulsions. Damn you all. That said, I'll be expecting perfect scores from here on out.

Thank you.


Look I'm part of one now, too, nerd that I am. That's okay I like it this way.

"A critic is to a writer as a dog is to a lamp post."
-[i used to know... ::rummages for name in random pile of papers, disappears forever::]

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