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in light of my BIRTHDAY i decided to make another of those 100 things about you things... as mine old one is quite... old. and many are since changed.

hooray for character growth.

1. does not react to her own name being called� it is too common to be bothered with

2. carries a notebook and pen with her everywhere� writes constantly

3. horribly addicted to aim and the internet in general� thinks she should join a support group

4. made the conscious decision in 8th grade to have very good posture after seeing a candid picture of herself in which she looked as if she�d been shot

5. draws on her pants� has since the 6th grade� just has

6. could live at barnes and nobles/borders� has it all planned out� she will eat nothing but coffee and muffins and sleep on the big comfy chairs and it will be perfect

7. makes lists like it is going out of style

8. this is funny because list-making was never in style

9. loves being quoted; finds it amusing though quite odd an experience

10. hates her back and man-shoulders� though she is actively trying to get over this and move on with her life to things she can actually do something about

11. has otherwise come to terms with her body for the most part� feels accomplished for a newly-minted 18-year-old

12. loves birthdays

13. is a feminist

14. doesn�t sleep. ever. it�s 12:53 now and she is beginning a list of 100 things about herself

15. fidgets constantly

16. is obsessive compulsive to the point of fault and probably attention deficit... both of which are directly linked to turrett's syndrome� a mild form of which she was diagnosed with at the tender age of sevenish

17. is a hypochondriac

18. hates being blind as she is.. regardless of early excitement and creation of �the glasses gang� in 6th grade� said excitement has worn off as her prescription has skyrocketed

19. wants laser eye surgery

20. is terrified of this� and of giving blood

21. swore to herself she'd face unnecessary fears that simply get in the way of everyday living and prevent her from becoming a fully realized person� has thus far attempted to give blood thrice� and succeeded once. it�s a funny story actually�

22. loves telling stories� exaggerates to the point of ridiculousness

23. would far rather be the hurtee than the hurter in almost every situation

24. this might be unhealthy

25. has become a decidedly more aggressive person since she started driving� is an angry driver

26. sarcasm is her greatest tool� has been referred to as a walking sarcastic remark

27. replied to this, �i�m never sarcastic!�

28. doesn�t do the emotions� thing. is actively trying to work up the nerve to attempt to get over this.

29. holds what she hears is an unusual mixture of beliefs, whether they be political, religious, or social

30. will ultimately be a crazy cat lady living up on a hill with her shotgun and hundreds of cats

31. loves accents and voices� anything to do with words, really� seriously considered becoming a linguist before she realized she had to go the artist track

32. realized today that she is actually quite looking forward to the artist life� as opposed to her initial depressed reaction to the epiphany that she wanted to write and do theatre more than anything else in the world

33. wants to write and do theatre more than anything else in the world

34. could drink up philosophy all day

35. wishes she could paint

36. draws cartoons of the people around her when she should be doing other things

37. people-watches

38. eavesdrops

39. projects in public places� sometimes without realizing it, sometimes knowing full well who is listening

40. will do almost anything for a laugh� has decided it is the greatest feeling in the world

41. sense of humor is hands down the most attractive quality in a person to her� smell is a close second

42. associates spinning and sunlight with bliss

43. loves to play red rover... does every chance she gets

44. is increasingly more interested in the South and Southern culture.. especially compared to the rest of america

45. loves to feel her mind expanding through discussion and experience

46. has lived her life thus far vicariously through other people� has just begun to experience life first-hand in the past year

47. considers herself extremely open-minded

48. keeps a soundtrack of her life running constantly through the back of her head

49. there is a quote for every discussion� be it music, movie, or play� it�s there

50. relies heavily on ellipses and/or hand gestures to get her point across

51. considers eyes the window to the soul� craves eye contact

52. is asked on an almost daily basis if she is drunk or high

53. not

54. is told on an almost daily basis that she is a very weird person


56. listens to music dangerously loud

57. has personified her car to the point of her becoming an actual person

58. notices speech patterns and body types

59. narrates when she speaks� online and in real life

60. is a lot more expressive facially than she means to be

61. is a terrible liar

62. is a fantastic truth-bender

63. is working on not playing the stupid card� it�s hard

64. frustrates easily

65. has the attention span of a goldfish

66. and the depth perception of a hamster

67. relates everything in metaphor

68. finds life to be a comedy� and most everything in it to be amusing

69. so when things that are actually funny happen, she laughs for days

70. refers to herself as a gregarious loner

71. loves to run

72. can talk for days� loves that all her friends can, too

73. obsesses over childhood

74. has a perpetual toe-ring tan

75. dwells

76. has no shame

77. embarrasses easily

78. blushes

79. will do the funny thing over doing the cute/sexy thing every time

80. is exceedingly awkward

81. cursed in anger for the first time last friday� it felt funny and she is not sure she liked it

82. will curse for humor purposes

83. over-analyzes everything

84. loves the eclectic group (or series of groups) of friends she calls her own

85. is often accused of randomness.. her defense is that she simply does not bother to share the other half of her thought

86. rarely finishes sentences�especially when excited

87. stutters sometimes� often

88. goes barefoot as often as humanly possible

89. has a hard time dealing with authority

90. doesn't like chairs. avoids sitting in them if at all possible and if not, does not sit in them correctly.

91. her view on age and ability has been very skewed since she started working at the nursing home almost one year ago

92. loves her job� loves people who love their job

93. is terrified of becoming stuck at any point in her life

94. thinks �deadpan� is the best way to deliver humor ever

95. has a naturally upturned mouth

96. doesn�t care what people she does not care about think... this encompasses most people

97. often forgets there are other people in the room

98. loves to dance� wishes she was good at it

99. loves straight down rain.. and dancing in it

100. swore she would only do 100 this time

101. lied to herself

102. is a capitalist

103. and an opportunist

104. loves san fransisco... hates math

105. believes making one's own fun is ten times more fun than any provided-for entertainment

106. thinks the world would be a nicer place if everyone washed and brushed his or her hair daily

107. has perpetually frozen toes

108. is forever thinking of ways to describe every aspect of life in words

109. her sense of style has been called "bohemian".... which means she never matches and she likes it that way

110. had to end the list on an even number

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