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so yeah.

states was FRICKIN AWESOME, as usual, and also the worst thing ever.

except i realized when i got home and broke down that it was in all likelihood not states that had me down for the past..... since october.

so actually states was just FRICKIN AWESOME with a few random way suck points... like the fact that i wasn't prepared for scholarships or original works and i got nothing.... and what i thought was prepared for classical and scene fest were apparently crap.

if i can't beat RICHARD SCOTT in writing or acting i may as well take a shotgun to my face right now.

mr. football, mr. hero-of-calvert, mr. nice-enough-guy-but-no-competition-out-of-the-weight-room-not-even-for-real-lack-of-talent-but-because-frickin-saunders-needs-to-stay-away-from-the-stage-at-all-costs-because-he's-the-worst-director-in-the-world-and-my-brother-is-under-him-now.

and of course i'm not bitter about it at all.

but the patuxent side of things was frickin awesome. we kicked derriere in tech portfolio fest and got four outstanding actor awards as opposed to the general one or two. and i met juliana. as in juliana, of The Juliana Plays. as in the high school girl playwright with three professional plays under her belt.

[end transmission feed. will finish later. the magfry cometh.]

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