paperback writer
a time to dance and a time to sing

i can't believe it frickin snowed again.

well, at least it didn't stick or any other such nonsense
in the frickin middle of frickin march

so the "snow ball" has been moved again to the 22nd
the frickin second day of spring
john called it the "damp ground ball" and i thought that was genius

because it was.

holy goodness, what is this world coming to?

had another dance party in the parking lot again
missed the one where they taught kayleigh how to dance for real so we had this one for me
so now i can shake my groove thang and use my pedunkadunk for all it's worth
yes i can

people are beginning to notice the trend of dance parties... dunno if this is a bad thing or not
one guy drove past us like four times and screamed out the window every time

i was amused

and i don't particularly care if anyone else was or not

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